The ineptitudes and laxness of Jerome Otchere who was the chief editor of the official mouthpiece of Asante Kotoko has precipitated the club into a legal tussle following the summon by G-PAK company for demands of GH100,000 unpaid printing cost.

This has been a disappointment after the Asante Kotoko management had so much hopes in Mr Jerome Otchere to give a facelift to the newspaper due to his experience in that course for Asante Kotoko over the years. After being an opportunist to abandoned Kotoko for a managerial role at Dreams FC, many supporters expressed disgusts to the intentions of reassigning him a position at Kotoko but the current management still entrusted him with the task to oversee the operations of the newspaper.

Jerome Otchere after his mismanagement has led to this untoward liability is therefore expected to appear at court to make testification regarding the case between Kotoko express and G-PAK printing company in next week. As the chief editor, he’s summoned to be probed as to why the club’s tabloids failed to fulfill their payment to the printing company under his perilous management.

Asante Kotoko are at the risk of paying whooping sum of GH100,000 to the plaintiff (G-PAK company) should they found culpable to the charges labelled against them at the law court.

The Asante Kotoko fraternity are curiously wondering as to why a constant critique and a blabby like Jerome Otchere who has been denouncing the management in every least opportunity oversaw that huge accumulation of debt to the disadvantage of the club after his all knowing attitude. Many believes, the hypocritical Kotoko supporter and former employer should cut some slack on the management after he couldn’t even manage an academy side beyond one month as CEO and later tempered in his resignation with Kenpong Academy.

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