Kotoko CEO vrs GFA president saga

Kurt’s comments that, the premier league clubs ought to devise means to attract supporters to the stadium have received a lot of counterweight responses, notably is the tweet from Kotoko’s CEO to the extent that the prize money for winning the league is nothing to write home about. Kurt’s comments were on the heels of the low patronage by football fans in Hearts vrs Kotoko’s recent match at the Accra sports stadium.


Expectedly, spin doctors and supporters of the above personalities will find a way to defend them. In doing so, some decorum, maturity, and respect have to be shown by mature minds, but the reverse is so true. There’s this particular journalist, a blind follower of Kurt’s administration, who doesn’t see anything wrong with his boss’s administration, but finds it convenient to insult and malign everyone who dares to criticise his boss. He’s indeed a beneficiary of his administration and benefiting from the taxpayer’s money and GFA largesse by necessary extension. In his most insulting and denegrating post yesterday, he claims to be wiser amidst his monumental and crass buffoonery he has been displaying. He bears the name Shiekh, and the general assumption, I stand to be corrected though, is that he’s an Islamic scholar who knows Islamic virtues and Quran verses off head. However, his insulting post to everyone who disagreed with him makes someone of to think that he has only succeeded in memorising the Quran verses without more, or his religious virtues seems to have been overridden by his parochial interests.


Personally, I have issues with Nana Yaw’s administration and management style, which I have posted on this space before. But this does not prevent NYA from raising issues germane to Ghana Football Administration in the ciuntry. More so, as a CEO of one the biggest clubs in the country. It is one thing talking about fanciful and trivial matters and another thing speaking to issues that affect the foundation of the football game to wit; officiating, and football administration in general.


Over the period, NYA Amponsah has complained about bad officiating, a menace the GFA is aware of, and seems to be taking measures to curb same. The most recent unfortunate incidents were when Kotoko went to Dorman to play Aduana Stars and Olympics vrs Hearts. The two penalties in both matches were dubious in every sense of the word. The worst of it was Gold Stars Vrs Kotoko, the Gold Starts player handled the ball with his hand, ✋️ but startlingly the referee awarded a penalty against Kotoko. There are instances when the disciplinary Committee of the FA has sanctioned referees upon complaints lodged against them by Kotoko. Is it not legitimate that a CEO of Kotoko registers his displeasure and misgivings thereof when humongous resources go into the management of football teams only for match results to be determined by the referees. Evidence abound in match fixing by referees. Anas’ expose’ No. 12 is still fresh on our memories. In the light of the above, is this Sheikh guy saying that reasonable and free minds can not express their opinions ? Herbert Mensah, during his administration, justifiably fought the then corrupt GFA system that saw significant improvements even after his departure. Was he settling scores with anyone in those instances?


Further, it’s trite that our league is not attractive financially. And this triggers millions of genuine questions that ought to be asked by stakeholders and answered by the GFA. How on earth can a non player or non member of the technical team receive an appearance fees worth more than the prize money of a team that tours the nooks and crannies of Ghana to play over 30 matches. What happened that for over a decade our clubs have been far from continental glories and got eliminated from the preliminary stages of Africa club competitions? Is it not right that NYA and others demand for proper administration of our local football.?


The above are not shams or facades, they are the realities bedeviling our local football. There is over concentration on Black Stars, which has not brought any laurels to the nation for over 40 years. It’s high time discerning voices are raised to secure the destiny of our local football. It has indeed sunk to its lowest ebb. Some years ago, Hearts and Kotoko were constantly featured in the group stages of African Club football, and now, both teams are in shambles. There’s so much lack of financial support.


A well-educated and mature mind ought to accept criticism in good faith. It’s not anything that one has to defend his pay masters. That kind of conduct defeats intellectualism and consensus nation building. The GFA ought to invest monies into our local league rather than spending all on the Black Stars, etc.


Is anyone saying that NYA cannot speak truth to power when it so obvious as stated above, when his concerns are backed with evidence and proofs as stated above.? The fact that he contested Kurt in the election doesn’t preclude him from raising legitimate concerns that affect the game of football in our polity. In any case, do you expect him to be praising his opponent in the above narrated circumstances? Of course the answer is a big NO.!


The bogus issue that NYA has had problems with some actors in game is so normal in every human endeavour. Is this Sheikh guy saying that his boss, Kurt, has never had any issue with people in his administration when his postures, tone and tenor completely support how arrogant he could be. During the world we all saw how arrogantly he spoke to the Black Stars players. The needless threats he issued to the Ghanaian populace to sue any one who criticises the GFA etc. In the midst of all these, you still think that he qualifies to be GFA president but NYA should be sacked. Please, get serious with your job of defending your boss.

written by:

Akwasi Boamah Esq.

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