Ismail Abdul Ganiyu 🗣 “ We will support Mbella to win the Goal King award.”
“It’s been a great feeling being Captain of this Great Club. Before the appointment, the coach invited me and told me the qualities he has seen in me to lead the team and it’s been great.”
“Injuries are part of the game but I am 80 to 90% fit now.”
On breaking the jinx at Dormaa, Wafa and Tarkwa:
“Our supporters always have this perception that we can never win there, but for us we wanted to be remembered for a very long time and we motivated ourselves for those wins and prove the doubters wrong.”
On Africa Campaign
“I can say we are ready but for the addition to the squad, I leave it to our bosses but I can assure our fans that we are ready.”
via Angel Fm

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